Saturday, March 04, 2006


Matthew Mcconaughey graces the cover of this months Details. I believe him to be the kind of person that helps old people up when they fall down only to say that he has helped an old person up that was once down. I bet he steals from children and I know that his pecks are fake because my sisters boyfriends exchange student from high school Dr. Lee did the surgery. Anyways I bring him up only to set the scene. We had a copy of this alleged Details magazine in our bathroom. Now I am not one to sit and read, but the spine of the magazine caught my eye.
It read

Details Hold My Hand March 2006

“Hold My Hand”
What does this mean?
I skimmed the cover to see if Matthew wanted to hold my hand?
Or if there was an article about how men’s hand cream is the new chest wax?
Or about how male friends holding hands is the new slapping butt?
Or about Broke Back Mountain?

There was nothing on the cover that referenced hands or holding.
So it is official that Details is my new favorite magazine
I only read the spine; the rest is just bunch of adds

This lead me to my next find of the day.
I typed in Hold My Hand into goggle images and found us all a treat is the new official website of Call Me Papa
I placed an order tonight on Amazon for the whole Gay Ghost Trilogy
They included:
The Gay Ghost
The Next Gay Ghost
The Two Gay Ghosts

See below images for visuals

They were written by Mr. Peter Treviño
I have no idea what they are about but I hope the pictures make you a fan like me.

Please visit the website
Make sure the music is playing or else you will not receive the full experience

To recap
Matthew mcconaughey is bad
The spine of Details Magazine is where I go to for hard news reporting
And The Gay Ghost is perfection

I pray that the Gay Ghost keeps you safe and warm tonight
Hold My Hand
- Mr.dru

Above image: The author of The Gay Ghost Mr. Peter Treviño or MR.dru???
Maybe they are the same person???
Maybe they are lovers???
Maybe they just Hold Hands???
Stay tuned to find out...


Blogger trmw said...

hey dru, it's matt. i can't sleep. i agree with you that the gay ghost is amazing.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Sethonious said...

I bet Peter Tevino wishes he was a gay ghost fly on the wall sometimes. You know the days where he just wants to watch some hot paranormal man love but really doesn't want to get involved. Just a ghost fly.

1:16 PM  

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